Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sharing our tunes.........

My son enjoys music just like I do. Our tastes are diverse and yet often the same. We are both big Johnny Cash fans and love Hank Williams. He's more hard rock and I'm still back in the 60's (pre-Beatles for me). I love the old hymns and Celtic tunes and he loves NIN (Nine Inch Nails). Sometimes I clue him in to some tune that I really like that might be one he wouldn't be aware of and then he does the same for me. He has made me aware, that out there among all the rock and roll and tunes of today.......there are many artists that I might just like. :-) And one of those musicians is Natasha Alexander. She's a favorite of my son and I like to listen, too. You might enjoy her music so just go to her site and check it out...........NLX*Music . This week Natasha and her band are touring in Texas. You can click on "Tours" on her website to see where she will be playing next. :-)

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