Sunday, February 14, 2010

A new note on Valentine's Day!

Hello! Blogging Friends!
I came up with a little solution to my "blog tunes" issue. I'll be removing the tunes from my " Legacy*of*Stitches " blog at the end of the evening. Some of you really like the songs I selected from Playlist and so do I. :-) I created a "pop-out player" of my songs so that I could listen but that didn't include you. I put my thinking cap on and..........hmmmm..........the light bulb went on and I realized I could set up a blog for my music!!! So here it is. You'll find my playlist here and if you want to listen to my songs while you search blogs or work, just open this blog and enjoy.
However, this blog won't be just about the songs on my playlist. I really like music, love to sing, enjoy learning about all types of music and why and when songs were written. I thought it would be fun to share some of that info with you! I might even share a little clip of me singing. Really. My parents called me "The Singing Mouse" when I was just a little bit of a thing because they said I was always singing. I still sing and if I'm not singing, I whistle. Music soothes the soul and keeps me whole! How's that for poetry?
I'll be back with more soon. In the meantime, just enjoy the tunes. :-)


  1. thanks for doing this, yes I have music playing all day, but when I am blogging I just turn it off till I quit blogging, so I enjoyed the music, so I will be back listening, there were days I would run thru all my own favorites that you had, and just sit and stitch while I listened, BarbM in NC

  2. Thanks Sandi. I'll continue to enjoy your music and little notes when they appear.

  3. This is truly a win-win situation when each person can choose, and each one doesn't always have to make the same choice as the day before. What fun!
    I love the little mouse. May we use the design? I would love to embroider her on a shirt for my granddaughter, age 2, who loves to sing, hum, and sometimes make up her own tunes or words. She would be so "cited".

  4. Oh My Gosh...I love all the music here. I can't wait to listen to more of it. Great job again Sandi!